ICEF Academia is a Programme for academically strong students interested in undertaking academic research to a greater extent studying advanced subjects related to economics and mathematics.

1) ATP - Advanced Training Program 1st - 3rd year
2) ARP - Advanced Research Program 2nd - 4th year

Special ICEF Academia classes:
Year 1
  • Calculus ++ (terms 1, 2)
  • Economic thinking (term 2)
  • Social science thinking and research (term 2)
Year 2
  • Advanced Statistics (term 1)
  • Revenue Optimization and Auctions (term 2)
  • Social science thinking and research (term 2)
Year 3
  • Selected topics in econometrics (term 2)
Special ICEF Academia research activities
Year 3
  • Reading groups and research activity with ICEF full-time academics (on-line)(Students read, present and discuss most interesting research papers under the guidance of ICEF full-time teachers)
Year 4
  • Reading groups and research activity with ICEF full-time academics (on-line)
  • Participation in the spring workshop (Students mini-research conference) with your own research presentation
Timescale: 4 years
Students who participate in the programme in subsequent years and successfully fulfill all of its requirements will receive an honorary Certification of Participation Letter from the HSE

October 8 - October 30

In 2020-21 You can start from any year.
How the program works
Benefits for students
  • Understand deeply Economics, Finance and Math
  • Add extra advanced courses in your degree transcript
  • Develop your research skills
  • Write your course/diploma papers under the supervision of best ICEF researches from the faculty
  • Get ready to PhD Programme

In addition:
  • Best 1nd and 2nd years graduates are awarded full scholarships to attend the LSE Summer School (3 places)
    Please, follow the requirements
  • Best 3rd year graduates get funding for international conference participation at the 4th year (up to 2 places)
  • Best research papers at the 4th year will receive awards.
  • Reading groups participation can be counted as Internship
  • PhD application fees will be supported

Additional activities available for ICEF Academia students (Not obligatory)
  • Participation of ARP students in the Research supporting activities for Msc students (e.g. lectures on data, bibliography, programming, methods).
  • Invitations to open lectures and research seminar presentations.
Steven Kivinen
PhD, Academic Head of the Programme
Udara Peiris
PhD, Steering Committee member
Emiliano Catonini
PhD, Steering Committee member
Natalya Kogutovskaya
Natalia Arkhipova