Студенческие организации

Londonchane Media Group

Londonchane Media Group is one of ICEF's largest student digital projects.

Among our projects:
  • Londoners, ICEF's best independent media according to ICEF's best independent media
We discuss what many are shy or afraid of, give you a chance to express your anonymous (or public) opinion on absolutely any topic, conduct various contests and giveaways, and, of course, talk about the latest important news and events.
  • Media projects and meme blogs
Among such projects there are many meme blogs in VK, an analogue of the "Panorama news agency" - PH "ICEF Scope", ICEF Academic Quotation Book and many others. We allow students with us to create a platform with a large number of active users interested in content  

Despite the small team, we have been making content for our institute for several years. If you want to become a part of the most tolerant and maximally queer-friendly community, if you know how or want to write long posts, take pictures or record videos, then we are glad to welcome you to our team. If you already have a desire, then write to the group PM in VK.


VK: vk.com/londonchane

Telegram: https://t.me/icef_media

Instagram: https://instagram.com/londonchane