Part-time internship at McKinsey


You'll join us as a part-time intern in our Moscow office. You'll work in teams of typically 3 - 5 consultants, helping them to drive projects at the highest performance quality. This is a part-time position that provides you with possibility to work partially remotely. Total working hours range from 100 to 125 per month (appr. 20-30 per week).

Our part-time intern program gives a group of undergraduate students first-hand experience with consulting at McKinsey. At the end of your internship, you may apply to full-time business analyst intern position after completion of your degree.



You will help McKinsey teams drive projects at the highest performance quality.
In this role, you will have the opportunity to engage in all kinds of activities across the firm. Your main responsibilities will usually include tasks that range from data structuring and analysis, sharing your observations on problem solving to leading a full work stream on a project. You'll also have exposure to a diversified set of industries and functions through your work.

Your role is multifaceted and exciting and you will gain insights into many industries and topics. In project work and in exchanges with colleagues, you will deal with new intellectual challenges daily.  


  • Currently in 3rd year bachelor's degree or 1st year master's degree
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel, Word, etc.); VBA knowledge is an advantage
  • ​Fluent in English

Если у Вас вопросы по стажировке - посмотрите интервью с консультантами McKinsey. В ролике они отвечают на популярные вопросы о различиях между Business Analyst Internship и Part-Time Internship, особенностях подготовки к фит-части интервью и ошибках, которые чаще всего совершают кандидаты. СМОТРЕТЬ ИНТЕРВЬЮ


Внимание! Если у Вы  студент/выпускник МИЭФ и сомневаетесь подаваться или нет на эту вакансию, у Вас вопросы по Вашему профилю, ожиданиям и т.д. пишите на vpralich@hse.ru или @vikapralich в Telegram.
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