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A. Tkachenko. Practical course on Endogeneity problems

A. Tkachenko. Practical course on Endogeneity problems (3 classes online in February).

Please sign up by 31.01 here. No exam.
How to answer “the effect” questions in microeconometrics.

Does education at HSE lead to better employment and higher wages than alternative education? At first glance, you can easily answer this question by collecting the data about the jobs of students graduating from different universities and running a regression of wage on education type. But shall we trust this approach?
Unfortunately, the answer is "No". We want to know about causality, but we have received evidence about the association. Such mismatch arises whenever we want to know "the effect".

This course is about causal methods. It will give you knowledge about "instrumental variable", "difference-in-differences", "regression discontinuity design", and a practical toolbox to implement them. This course is essential for students who want to answer "the effect" questions using micro-level data.

Three online classes:
·        16.02 wed - 18.10;
·        22.02 tue - 16.20;
·        25.02 fri - 18.10.