Start up relations Intern

Startup relations intern for US based FinTech startup (1-3 year students)

Global investment platform which is a part of Newchip accelerator is launching soon. 

Candidates should be top academic performers who are willing to work hard in an unstructured environment which values initiative, creativity, maturity, and enthusiasm for learning.

✅ Economic / Financial knowledge
✅ Ability to deliver tasks quickly without failures
✅ Interest in Venture Capital and startups will be an advantage
✅ Excellent knowledge of English (at least the Upper Intermediate level)

❗️ Coordination of startups' pipeline
- Startups’ inquiries from partners
- Decision support for the selection of startups
❗️ Participation in all stages of the investment process on the platform
- On-selection of startups (requests of data from startups, consulting startups on filling out a page on the platform)
- Communication between startups and investors
❗️ Help in solving product problems
- Recruiting respondents for interviews and scheduling interviews
- Processing results of an interview
- Analysis of information 

 Full day (remotely)

 ⁃ Gaining experience in analyzing technology companies
 ⁃ Extension of the network
 ⁃ Getting recommendations for work in the venture capital and finance
 ⁃ Professional growth and opportunities for self-realization
 ⁃ Acquaintance with the US market

 Send CV and short presentation to @alina_af via telegram