ATTA Ventures: Junior Health Technology Business Analyst (Remote, USA, California)

The ATTA Ventures company has just started developing and you can get a chance to be one of the first employees (and the only analyst for now - wow, what an opportunity, right?).
 Varvara Russkova - the founder of ATTA Ventures, is also a co-founder of the CardioWave medical device and Stay In Drops projects. In 2012, Varvara, together with the CardioWave team, entered the MassChallenge business accelerator (Boston, USA), where she remains a judge and mentor. The entrepreneur has experience in launching startups in the United States (Boston and Silicon Valley) and new projects in the Russian Federation (for example, the Medical University of European Medical Center). Right now, she works as an Advisor at MedTech Innovator and as a Director of Science at Acronis

Varvara took a course in cleantech entrepreneurship (that is the same as "green technologies"), at Stanford University. The course helped her not only to better understand how professionals in this field of work but also brought the first serious acquaintances with potential partners and venture funds.

Currently, Varvara is also an investor herself - she's investing in AI, health tech, and biotech. She's passionate about shifting healthcare from sick care to actual health care and wellness, with the tech that is predictive, preventative, personalized, and precise. 
Varvara is now developing her own projects in the field of health -, bio - & fintech, so now she is looking for a person with a strong interest in that field to become the first analyst in her company. If you are interested in healthcare and fintech and you also have good analytical skills, submit your application right now!

What will you do? 

  • Analyzing the health/biotechnology market - you will study the companies in this segment and their business models, search for their competitors and analyze them, evaluate these businesses from an economic point of view. 
  • Tracking new technologies and companies on the market - researching more information, preparing the analysis and the summary for the research before presenting it. 
  • Communicating with founders of bio- & fintech companies - discussing and analyzing their proposals. 
  • Creating memos for investors based on the market research: you will conduct market research for new trends, technologies, companies, and their competitors, and then prepare memoranda based on this information.
  • Helping to expand the business - creating strategic plans. 
  • Maintain contact with investors by organizing some of their operational tasks. 


  • Scientific education: could be Biology/Finance/Physics/Biotechnology OR profound Economics education but with extreme interest in science and developing in that field. 
  • Strong desire to learn and develop in biotechnologies, health care, startups - you get carried away when you learn more about these topics. 
  • Analytical skills - you can digest the information down and interpret it, do global research and make a summary and a conclusion based on the information, or the other way around - focus on one topic and study it deeply in detail. 
  • Attention to detail - you would have to analyze the technology market, competitors' business models, economic factors. 
  • Strategic thinking - you are able to see the full picture and future of the company, notice flaws, and propose ideas to improve the company’s work and growth. 
  • Self-reliance - you are able to find ways of expanding the business, estimating them, creating solutions, and making decisions on your own. 
  • Proactivity - you have a strong desire to help the company grow and learn more about investments. You are opened to new information and communication. 
  • Responsibility - you can analyze the tasks and set your own deadlines. You are autonomous and can work on your own. 

What we offer: 
  • Part-time (4 hours/day, 5/2) or full-time (8 hours/day, 5/2) employment - will be discussed during the interview. 
  • Remote work. You may be located in any country or city, just need a good Internet connection and the opportunity to adjust your working schedule to have overlapping hours with the team (they are based in California, so will be available after 7 pm Moscow time).
  • A great chance to learn from a very experienced entrepreneur and VC and become the first analyst in the company. 
  • Stability - this is not an internship or project work, we consider only the candidates looking for a long-term commitment.
  • Quick selection process.

Application deadline: 10th of June 2021.

Please note that the later you apply - the more intensive your selection process will be, for example, you will have less time for the test assignment, etc.

1. Fill in the application form - attach your CV;
2. Complete the VCV recording;
3. Complete the test assignment;
4. Have a Zoom-interview with Grintern’s Senior Recruiter (no video required);
5. Have a video Zoom-interview with the company’s founder;
6. Get hired!


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