Sales Manager / Business Development Manager for Coin Liquidity Solutions

Coin Liquidity Solutions is a growing fintech company that specializes in B2B trading services on the blockchain market.

What you will do:
·         Chat with CEOs of great fintech startups all over the world in messengers;
·         Manage the CRM with your leads and test new sales approaches;
·         Work with Tier-1 Exchanges and VC/family funds to onboard them to work with us;
·         Participate in TOP Fintech/Blockchain conferences all over the world;
·         Provide market feedback and propose new product features;
·         Develop yourself in a field of finance, trading, and IT.

To join us you need to:
·         6+ months in sales or business development;
·         Be a fluent English speaker, as 90% of our clients are English - speaking;
·         Be very disciplined as we don’t like micromanagement;
·         Understand the mechanics of the basic sales, have problem-solving skills;
·         Be motivated to earn from 300,000 rubles per month and more;
·         Have basic knowledge in fintech, blockchain, and trading.

What can we offer?
·         Comfortable office in the very center of Moscow, metro Chistye Prudy;
·         Opportunity to work in the company from the new economic world without 3rd parties financial institutes;
·         Possibility to grow and lead your own team or a whole unit in 6-9 months;
·         Friendly and highly qualified team.

What do you need to know about our team:
·         Our company’s revenue has grown by 80% over the past year and we are not going to stop there;
·         We make sales and communicate with the clients via Telegram, our managers don’t waste their time searching for leads, the process is fully automated;
·         Our products aimed to create real value for clients, which is a rare exception in the crypto market;
·         We don’t lose time in traffic jams and are always fresh as we work from 11 am till 8 pm;
·         You will have important tasks from the first day in our team, participating in decision making, and your effort will pay you back quickly.
Despite your skills, we are very concerned about your personality as well, because we must match. If this is exactly what is interesting for you, feel free to apply for this position.

Don’t forget to answer 3 questions in a cover letter.
1) Is blockchain technology so promising as everybody thinks? Why?
2) What crypto exchange is the best and why?
3) What are the main parts of any business pitch/sale/conversation?

Send CV to hr@coinls.io or via telegram to @CoinLS
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