Internship at Gucci

·         GUCCI launches summer internship for students and graduates
·         It is a great opportunity to try yourself and get professional experience from GUCCI team
·         Within two months you can:
·         Gain practical experience in the international company
·         Participate in current projects of the selected division
·         Get new knowledge and professional skills from an experienced team and mentors
·         Challenge yourself and spend your GUCCI Summer 2021

How to apply:

Choose one of the directions:
·         Marketing
·         Buying
·         Finance
·         Operations + Logistics
·         Retail

Make the video self-presentation for 3 minutes. In the video tell us about yourself and what makes you different. (the video can be in English or in Russian, as you prefer)

Apply by July 5th by sending video-presentation and CV to the email alexandra.kapraru-ext@gucci.com

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