Must read! A short guide to the website


We hope you are pleasantly surprised by how the familiar student portal has changed. This is its first version, which we will gradually refine throughout the year - but now we can tell you what's new here. Let's go!

1. No more schedule :(
Since this year, it has been published in the information system. But even this is not for long - after the new version of RUZ has been tested, and all information about the subjects of choice will be entered into it, this - together with the HSE App - will remain   the only source of up-to-date information on the schedule in ICEF.

UPD. 31.08.2020 17:48 We added a link to the schedule in the information system (authorization required)

2. Sections «Career Services» и «Alumni»
We will not write for a long time - see for yourself (the links are clickable). Beauty, not sections!

3. #notredbutton
This is now instead of the Mouthpiece. Write here any of your messages: suggestions, questions, complaints and gratitude (do not forget about them - we are sure that any teacher or employee will be pleased to see your message) - and we will definitely answer it to you personally.
All data is processed by the Student Council team within 48 hours. Anonymity is guaranteed.

4. Filtering in the news feed
If you want to see only important messages or messages related only to undergraduate students, click on the corresponding button. If you want to watch all ICEF news, choose “All”.

5. Section «Students»
Almost Pochemuchnik, only for older students. There are frequently asked questions (if you don’t know where to order a certificate, this section is for you), ICEF contacts, as well as information about all ICEF student organizations and the Student Council.

6. Old version of the site
Despite the fact that we have updated the portal and you are currently browsing, we could not simply delete the previous version. We have saved it as an archive of memories of many students who came before us - it is available at and has not been updated since September 1, 2020.

7. And, well, they almost forgot! Mobile version!!!
Just log in from your phone - everything is already working :)

8. Where to write if something doesn't work?
Please, leave a message in the #notredbutton, in the category of requests, choose Work We will definitely look at everything and answer. #Nbsp;
(If you want to join the team that is working on the site, you can also leave a message there)

Hope you enjoy!
Love, development team ❤️