IB Interns for Carissa Capital

An emerging investment bank is looking for an intern. We are a joint venture of a European PEVC firm and former IIDF.vc IB managers. We plan to service PEVC transactions for clients in North America, UK and Europe

The job is fully remote and is basically a routine related to making more sell-side and buy-side connections. It requires good communication skills, a full written command of English (mandatory) and some practical knowledge about how PEVC firms (and corporates in general) are structured regarding their decision-making hierarchy

We offer you money, access to our inside information and an opportunity to learn the basics of PEVC and investment banking. You’ll participate in our regular discussions about open (and potential) deals and about challenging corporate finance matters. Also, the more creative tasks can be assigned, and if you prove yourself you’ll become our preferred candidate for a full-time hire in the nearest future

Please send emails with your CVs and titled “Investment banking intern” to a.pisanov@carissa.pro. After screening, if successful, we’ll have a 15-min interview and a small homework assignment, then proceed to the offer. There are 2 positions available, we expect to fill them in May 2022
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